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Defying Prejudice


CHROMOSOME21 - Defying Prejudice. Is a collection of 6 images that hopes to dispel preconceived prejudices people may have with regard to individuals with Down's syndrome. Having grown up as an only child, the excitement a 12 year old Ren endured when told her mother was to expect a baby was palpable, that joy and excitement is still present to this very day, "Never did it occur to me that my brother, who just so happens to have Down's syndrome was any less a human, any less capable or any less as special than any other. In fact this little boy (seen here in the image of the crying boy) since the day of his birth has brought nothing but happiness and pride to all who know him".


People with Down's syndrome are often misrepresented in the media or often not represented at all. It is this that lead Ren to embark on a project that is to this day still their favourite set of images.


The idea, to recreate famous imagery using only models with Down's syndrome , in the hope of evoking people think twice before making assumptions or negative judgements.

If you are interested in purchasing or exhibiting any of the work from this project contact Ren directly via email at



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